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Hannah Grier

The smell of freshly cut grass always reminds me of endless summer days in the gardens playing with my sister and parents in the house where I grew up. My dad would always mow the lawn on his “sit-on” lawnmower and then my sister and I would run out into the garden to play with my dog honey who used to roll in the cut grass.

Jen Lowe

The smell of my dad’s aftershave, Aqua di Silva, always reminds me of journeys down to my grandparents. He use to wake us up in the car just as we were nearly there and turning down the hill and then tell us to brush our hair. Meanwhile my mum would reach into his glove compartment and pull out his aftershave which he would spray far too much of (always making me and my sis feel a little sick!)

Joan Ball

As a child, we would travel to the East End of London to visit my maternal grandparents.  This always seemed a long drawn out car journey as I was always excited and recall the landmarks along the way through the central part of London. At last we would arrive at my grandparents’ tiny terraced house with no front garden and I would rush to the front door so I was the first to reach the door knocker.  It was always my Nanny who would answer the door in her long bibbed full length floral print apron which seemed to reach the floor.  She had grey hair pulled into a tiny rear bun and she would scoop down to greet me and her plump arms would embrace me.  She would kiss me and I remember she had chin ‘whiskers’ that prickled as our faces met, however there was the overwhelming scent which I recall to this day … the smell of lavender which was so refreshing and overpowering to me and something which even to this day makes me recall my Nan’s warm embrace. As I would rush into her little house, which seemed huge to me as a child, I would head for the kitchen where the lunch would be cooking.  Nan always made us a steak and kidney pastry pie and that would be baking in the traditional gas free-standing oven.  The smell of the home-made pastry cooking was delicious.  It had a special aroma because it was home-made and I recall the pleasure of seeing the pastry change colour and then she would lift it from the oven and that unique smell I can still imagine to this day.

Mel Ball

The smell of Elnett hairspray reminds me of all the times I spent round my nan’s house growing up. She would always spray a load on in front of the mirror by the front door and as soon as I smelt that I knew we were going out somewhere.

Suz Lipmann

The smell of a new plastic pencil case always reminds me of going back to school in September and being excited to see all my friends.

Diane Lowe

My first scent memory is the smell of smoke from the coal fired train engines. As a child I would wave to the engine drivers and passengers at Romney Marsh, a narrow gauge railway, as the train tootled by our seaside bungalow. Also second is the smell of tomatoes growing in the greenhouse. Even though I’ve been growing them myself for 40 years it still reminds me of my old family home and my dear Dad.

Tamsin Fairclough

Whenever I smell wild flowers and the sea it takes me back to the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, a place I have been visiting for the last five years and which is close to my heart.

Niah Oddman

Our sense of smell, when presented with a particular scent, can trigger memories and evoke emotion; the olfactory function allows us to make these connections.

A key ingredient present in some of my favourite fragrances is iris. The rich, sensual aroma reminds me of my childhood; more significantly my Mother. The scent of Lou Lou by Cacherel was used everyday, it was my mother’s signature smell. The small blue bottle encased in a floral box, a delicate yet bold fragrance that represents my mother. As the times have changed, so has my mother’s scent; Armani “Because its you” and Valentino “Donna Acqua” are her favourites now. Still whenever I smell Lou Lou, for me it will always signify Mum.

The elegant, classy Mon Guerlain takes me back to my first endeavour into fragrance. It was my first job as agency in John Lewis to promote the fragrance launch. Released only a year ago, for Mothers Day, Mon Guerlain was the stepping stone for me to envelope myself in the world of fragrance and discover high end brands. The deep vanilla and aromatic lavender allowed me to explore luxury, French perfumery and appreciate these beautiful smells that I once considered “old”.

I’ll never forget my first fragrance. My 14th birthday, a gift set from a distant relative. An upgrade from Impulse and Charlie body sprays; Lady Gaga “Fame” – sensual floral Belladonna and Orchid transports me to my school days. More specifically my high school prom. A night filled with memories, my first grown up occasion – a milestone shaping my transformation from a girl to a young woman, A-levels were coming, my life was changing.

Jimmy Choo and Coach were my signature scents as a teenager. Sweet, floral, fresh and youthful. Whenever I smell these fragrances I think of all the under 18 discos, friends parties and family occasions in which I wore them.

As a 20 year old, my fondest memories are not far behind me . Gucci Guilty absolute transports me back to my childhood. The juicy blackberry notes evokes memories of blackberry picking with my Grandad every summer, the berries that grew in our back garden and the local fields. It reminds me of simpler times, enjoying the hot sun and exploring the outdoors.

My most recent scent memory is Acqua di Parma “Colonia Pura” released only last September. This immediately transports me to August 31st, my first agency job in House of Fraser Croydon where I now work as the Dolce and Gabbana consultant. Bergamot and Orange, the fresh citrus scents of the summer. Working in HoF, I created friendships and memories for the 2 months I did the Colonia Pura campaign. A Christmas temp job would soon follow this in October until January where I transitioned from a temp to a Dolce and Gabbana consultant. The Acqua Di Parma stand is opposite my DG counter and everyday at work, I am reminded of where I started and how far I have come, and how far I will continue to go.


Emily Duckworth

I’ve always loved perfume and growing up my mum would take me to Duty Free to choose a new one every time we went on holiday. I think I was 11 or 12 when I got my first bottle of Angel by Thierry Mugler. My Nan liked it so much we ended up buying her bottle after bottle. It’s a little bit too sweet for me now as I generally lean towards more masculine or musky scents, but I still keep a bottle in my bedroom to spritz whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

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