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Sir Michael Colman

One of my earliest scent memories is from my boyhood, when we’d buy a quarter pound of traditional mint Bullseye sweets from the village shop. Back in those days they’d always use peppermint oil grown and made in England, which was much purer and stronger than the oil used in most confectionery today. It’s taken us over 20 years to grow, harvest and distill that same high quality peppermint on our Hampshire farm. Walking through those fields in the late summer, the smell of our Black Mitcham peppermint is quite incredible. It was this that inspired us to invite perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek to create a signature Summerdown lemongrass and mint fragrance for our natural body, bath & home range.

Jo Foot

Rose petals in water takes me straight back to making flying potions in my garden as a little girl, back to a time when quite literally anything seemed possible.

Alan LY

My first memory of men’s fragrance was Cerruti 1881. Fresh and Sweet.

Nicola Lynsey

The smell of Anais Anais will always remind me of Christmas, as it was one of my first fragrances that I was given at this time & absolutely loved!

Lara Shepherd

My Mum and Grandma are both smokers and both use Channel no.5 perfume. I associate the combined smell of cigarette smoke and channel 5 with my childhood. Hugs from my mother or grandmother before an evening out. Or staying at grandparents, being tucked into bed by grandma and hearing the deep men’s voices lull me to sleep.

Jake Pike

For Christmas one year, my younger brother wanted buy me a new fragrance. He went in and chose one he thought smelt of me. He stayed a while in the shop until he found the right one. 6 months before, my boyfriend bought me the same scent!

Katherine Cecere

The warm, musky, powdery smell of my nanny’s neck took me to a safe comforting place when I was little. She always boasted that when she wore it people always asked her what she was wearing? Which made her feel fabulous! And she was! It was the gorgeous “Oscar” by Oscar De La Renta.

Shayne Bray

When you are walking home in the winter and smell the wood burning from someone´s chimney, you remember the cosy feel of an open wood fire and how it made you feel…….cosy, safe and warm.

Sheena Boodhna

My #ScentMemory is Dolce and Gabanna The Only One EDP, as it reminds me of the winter time with all the festive decorations around the city and gives me a warm, comforting, and sophisticated feel.

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