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James White

Growing up as a kid accompanying my dad in the car to get petrol and sticking my nose out of the window whilst he filled up the tank.

Maegan Rocca

Hugo Boss perfume – my dad always wears this brand and it reminds me of how strong and dedicated he is. This smell empowers me to accomplish even more.

Candice McCluskey

I remember when I was younger, my Dad used to work away from home for weeks. On his arrival home, my brother and I would wait for him boy the front door. As he walked in, the scent of the original Ralph Lauren Polo would brush against my cheeks.

Catherine Omai

My scent memory is that of my dad. My dad used to work with a lot fragrances that were sandalwood based which drew me closer to the material of sandalwood. Everytime I create I try to encoporate sandalwood into my fragrances because it just takes me down a journey of being protected by my father. Sandalwood is my scent memory.

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