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Jake Pike

For Christmas one year, my younger brother wanted buy me a new fragrance. He went in and chose one he thought smelt of me. He stayed a while in the shop until he found the right one. 6 months before, my boyfriend bought me the same scent!

Shayne Bray

When you are walking home in the winter and smell the wood burning from someone´s chimney, you remember the cosy feel of an open wood fire and how it made you feel…….cosy, safe and warm.

Sheena Boodhna

My #ScentMemory is Dolce and Gabanna The Only One EDP, as it reminds me of the winter time with all the festive decorations around the city and gives me a warm, comforting, and sophisticated feel.

Tanya Zhuk

There is one scent memory that is forever connected to Christmas for me and it’s the scent of mandarin peel. My family has a tradition of serving mandarins after Christmas dinner. The sweet, fruity, very juicy notes are forever connected to the wintery Russian Christmas. And every time we celebrate Christmas, it brings me right back to where I grew up.

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