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Saskia Greenhalgh

I’ve always quite liked the smell of petrol. It reminds me of when I was at the petrol station with my grandma and she accidently clicked the nozzle too early drenching 5-year-old me with it. Despite the traumatic experience the smell reminds me of spending time with her.

Luis Dos Santos

I was 12 years old and my mother came back home with a present for me, it was my first perfume, L’eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal. I still remember the first time I put it on my skin. Really fresh citrus notes but really comforting at the same time. That’s when my passion for perfumes started. Since that I love discovering new scents and new stories.

Ben Payne

The smell of oranges reminds me of my Dad, he often boils them to get rid of the smell of curry as he is a chef!

Paola De Rosa

Every time I smell Angel by Thierry Mugler I am 16 again and fell feminine for the very first time!

Katie Service

My scent memory has to be the smell of my new born daughter, Aurelia. I suppose it must be something biological but she smelt of honey, sugared almonds, freshly baked bread, sunshine, honeysuckle and everything that is golden, delicious and addictive. I could not stop smelling her. I will never forget it and I still half expect to smell it when I lean over and smell the top of her head now, a year and a half later. Sadly that scent has gone but it shall stay forever etched on my memory.

Evelina Misiulyte

Every time I smell J’adore Dior it makes me think of my auntie. It’s her scent… and it always makes me smile no matter what day I have.

Amanda Morgan

Growing up in Australia, some of my first scent memories are of natural fragrances occurring in the Australian outdoors.

We had a farm house that was surrounded by tall cypress trees and their resinous, green, pine scent.

The smell of lanolin from the merino sheeps wool was always distinctive in the shearing shed. Spending many summers at our beach house on the South Coast, there was always a salty, freshness to the air mixed with eucalyptus and wattle.

Adam Ellis

I have always loved the powerful, emotional impact a fragrance can have on our lives. Fragrance has the ability to let us time travel in the blink of an eye. One of my favourite scent memories will always be the beautiful green and earthy notes of fig trees that softly filled the air of the stunning venue where i married my husband in Santorini. Any fig fragrance will instantly evoke the memory of that beautiful island and to that joyful day that we shared with our friends and family. I look forward to making many more wonderful scent memories


Kristine Skrivele

Imagine a summer night in the countryside. Air is thick and fog slowly sweeps over the meadows. Now think about the smell surrounding yourself. For me, one particular scent of a sweet-smelling flower in these summer nights is one of my most vivid childhood memories. Staying up late, enjoying long days and short nights followed by the sweet and gentle scent of meadowsweets.



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