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Sasha Lord

Summer is my favourite time of the year and there are 2 smells that stand out for me: the smell of sun lotion on holiday (probably mixed with sweat)! instantly makes me happy. Also the smell travelling through  the air of a lit barbecue  – give me those burnt sausages!!



Ryan Cerenko

Nothing can transport me back to my youth like Calvin Klein- Crave; I wore this almost everyday in high school and it reminds me of long summers when life was a little simpler. It has a vibrant and refreshing note of bergamot which was the source of many compliments back in the day. I feel my taste has changed a little now but this was a great Fougere and is still sorely missed. The fact that it is now discontinued probably adds to the romanticism of it all. A real time capsule.



Rosie Cave

Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue brings back fond memories of my Granny. It’s quite a mysterious scent, which opens with spicy aniseed and bergamot and gently fades to velvety, powdered florals. It was my Granny’s firm favourite for many years. Sadly, she passed away last year, but whenever I smell it, read about it or hear someone mention it, I know she’s nearby. It’s enchanting elegance will always remind me of her.



Dagmar Smit

One of the fondest memories I have is when I met my Husband, Thomas. During out first meeting, Thomas asked me which fragrance I was wearing to which I replied “the same as you”. He responded in shock saying “which, Chanel?”, “No” I laughed,  “Champagne, but mine is by Yves Saint Laurent”. The perfume has since been discontinued however ever since that day I have treasured my flacon and smile every time I see it. For me, scents will always be at the centre of my memories and that is why I wanted to create Elegantes London.




Gillian Syron

My scent memory is from when my son was a little baby in 1998 he was very fond of the smell of Vanilla which was the smell of our first home.
About a month ago the launch of the unique Gentleman EDP Fragrance by Givenchy arrived. As an employee of Givenchy I brought home the new Fragrance for my son to try. When he tested the new scent he absolutely loved it and said it brought back fond memories of the first house where he grew up in.
Since then, he has used Gentleman EDP every day and has found his signature scent.

Reeda Ouzerdine

One of my first memories of scent was when my best friend bought me a bottle of Diesel Fuel(the original in the red cylinder bottle.) It reminded me of summer when I was a teenager, going to my first house party. It smelt of sweet, warm deliciousness and gave me such a sense of masculinity. I went to this party and got so many lovely comments- it gave me such confidence! Every time I smell vanilla cheesecake, for some reason it brings me back to that summer and that scent. It is incredible how powerful a perfume can be. The moment I put the fragrance on I felt two foot taller!


Philip Moores

My fave ‘connecting’ fragrance is ‘Chocolat’ by Il Provumo.  Tracy used to wear it when we first started going out, so it always reminds me of champagne and kisses at St Pancras.  And now we’re married.  So that worked!



Matt Rolls

One of the most memorable scents from my childhood is my mother’s all-time favourite fragrance: Dior Poison. Although it wasn’t her everyday fragrance; so when she wore it I knew we’d either be going out somewhere special, or would have family/friends coming over to visit. To the point where even now when I smell it I actually feel that same sense of joy and excitement you’d get as a kid when you expected something fun to happen.

Lydia Coomber

Funnily enough my first scent memory is from AVON. I remember sitting on the knee of this really glamorous women and she smelt divine – sweet and floral which is my go to now. She was my mother’s friend and Avon Rep, Annie. She looked so beautiful and I remember loving how she smelt! She used to give me lots of the really pretty little vial samples– what a treat to have my own collection of minis at 5.

I’m so lucky now to have the job of launching new scents for the same leading fragrance brand. Through AVON I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the world’s best perfumers and now get to pass these gorgeous scents on to my little girl.


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