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Alexis Grugeon

I grew up in a small town in Northern France where there are many forests, and the smell of woods always brings me back to this which is a very special scent memory for me.

Samuel Gearing

A rather clever friend of mine gave me a ‘Scent Library’ from Penhaligons when I was a young teenager.
That single product completely transformed my perception of scent and has informed the rest of my career. 

Josh Carter

My first scent memory is of my Dad.
He used to wake me up for school and would have always just shaved beforehand.

Ever since, I’ve loved the scent of shaving soap and often gravitate towards fragrances that smell soapy and clean, like my Dad. 

Magdalena Giacomelli

My parent’s home has every wall covered in old wooden libraries with the most precious old books, and to nowadays, this is my most intense and important scent memory.

A mix of papery sharpness with ebony and walnut wooden furniture, and the slightly humid and powdery dustiness of the old books always reminds me of my childhood, my parents’ incredible erudition and their love for culture and education. All my reading experiences are heavily influenced by books individual smell, and when in need of comfort, ink and paper are the first olfactory reassurance I reach out for. Funnily enough, I am constantly on a quest for amplifying my collection of literature-inspired and papery fragrances!

Vlatko Dobraorie

Lavender and Figs.

Elaine Hui

Buying my very first fragrance which was from Chloe to prepare for my first day in corporate workforce.

Enfys Davies

Don’t judge me but Bodyshop Fuzzy Peach was so influential when I was in school. If you didn’t smell of it you weren’t in the cool gang! Anything peachy now makes me smile.

Gaynor Wharton

Jardin De Bagatelle by Guerlain – Reminds me of an amazing holiday in Ibiza with my best friend.

Edward Provée

Black coffee, toast, marmalade. That was my granddad’s breakfast every day. He always woke up at 5am so it was the first thing I would smell when I stayed at his. Now, that specific mix of scents makes it really easy to get up in the morning.

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