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Nigel Brooks – Creative Director – Bath House

One of my earliest childhood memories is stepping through the heavy oak doors of our village church with my parents. .The spirit of Christmas was in the air and as silence fell I remember clearly the fragrance of linseed oil and beeswax wax of the pews, the musty paper of antique hymn books opening and the citrus notes of  oranges spiked with clove, so symbolic of Christmas time. Those magical nights, are memories of fragrance which stay  with you forever.

Nigel Brooks Bath House

Nicky Cox – MBE

My favourite scent of Christmas is chestnuts. I remember smelling my first one, being roasted by my grandad on the fire. It tasted just as good. Until this day, I always have chestnuts at Christmas. When I smell them being sold by street vendors, it takes me right back to being by the fire with grandad.

Nicky First News

Mrs Smith – Founder of Bluebell Biscuiterie

My earliest scent memory?  Freesias.
It’s Spring 1976.  I’m four and I’m the youngest of three bridesmaids at my cousin’s wedding.  We carry wicker baskets of white and yellow freesias and wear crowns of freesias in our hair.  Their fresh and sweet smell is almost sickly.  It’s the smell of boiled strawberry sweets.
We wear long, bottle green dresses with long sleeves and a frill around the hem.  We have dyed green ballet shoes on our feet. We wear pretty cream aprons covered in tiny cream and yellow flowers.  My mother made the dresses herself.  My dress still remains in my 7 year old’s dressing up box – it’s a favourite of hers.
The smell of freesias still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end and takes me back to that warm Spring day, the excitement of dressing up, being a bridesmaid for the first time and the happiness of a country wedding.
Mrs Smith

Aaron Coby

My earliest fragrance memory is of the flower farm my family had when I was growing up in Cornwall. Our family grew Kaffir lilies and Carnations. Fields and fields of endless flowers. To earn extra pocket money I used to cut the flowers put into a bucket and take to the packing shed where they would be bundled up for sale. The green note of the freshly cut stem mixed with the faint but sweet, spicy floral note of the flowers inspires me to create beautiful perfume.
Aaron Coby

Paula Smith, PR Director – Elizabeth Arden

I strongly remember the sweet smell of Pinks (mini carnations) when I picked them to make posies for my Mum and Nana. I also recall the fragrances  my Mum wore when I was little especially when she was going out somewhere special. She’d chose either Chanel No5 or Madame Rochas both of which trigger nostalgic memories in me when I smell them today.

Paula Smith

Joanna Rogers – VP & Commercial Director for Beauty and Gifting, Boots

My scent memory is from my early childhood.

Arriving at my grandparents’ house in summer, coming out of the car after long journeys and enjoying the smell of wild flowers and grass warmed by the mid-day sun. To this day when I close my eyes and think of that smell I am transported back in time to those days

Joanna Rogers

Sara Stern- Divisional Trading Director for Cosmetics & Lingerie, Debenhams

My very first fragrance was Anais Anais by Cacherel.  It was such a departure from traditional fragrances with its innovative floral white bottle and super feminine notes.  I only recently discovered that hyacinth is one of its top notes, no surprise that this is my favourite flower and always fills me with happiness and optimism as Spring approaches.

Sara_1_093 (2)

Alexis Vaganay – General Manager, Coty Luxury UK & Ireland

I’m more drawn to woody spicy scent as it really makes me feel confident and empowered, probably because my dad was wearing such perfumes himself.  Even before joining Coty, I am already a huge fan of BOSS Bottled.  I remember buying my first BOSS Bottled after a business trip in the late Noughties and was immediately hooked.  BOSS Bottled reminded me on my first day at Coty as it was my go to scent to start a new chapter in my career life. In this past year at Coty, I have made many more Scent Memories: my last emotion was with Parco Palladiano V from Bottega Veneta.

Alexis Vaganay 2 AV HD 2014

Kathryn Hefford

As I walk past the perfume section in Boots a yellow and white box catches my eye. I stop and spray the tester perfume onto my wrists. As the floral, woody and musky scent fills my nostrils I am immediately transported back over 30 years to the duty-free shop where my friend and I bought our perfume bottles of Giorgio by Giorgio of Beverly Hills, a perfume so strong and powerful that you felt like you could literally cut the air with it. My friend and I applied this perfume liberally all over our bodies throughout our Cypriot holiday, therefore, the aroma of the perfume and my holiday in Cyprus are inextricably linked in my memory. This was a holiday full of fun, laughter, and freedom, and the sweet and fresh notes of the Giorgio perfume, epitomises this time perfectly for me.

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