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February 2023

Jasper Li

I wasn’t physically the strongest growing up.
My great grandmother always brought me to the Chinese doctor and I could never forget that smell of the medicine- it was pungent and unbearable but had this really interesting after taste, I was told that was the smell of patchouli.
Who would have thought this has become one of my favorite ingredients now?

Lisa Howarth

Stepping into my greenhouse I revert to childhood self. 
Spicy tomato leaf, pungent tagetes, damp earthy compost.
Its internal temperature affecting the notes from sweet to aromatic to musky.
Dependent on season as much as time of day.

Margherita Carini

The smell of a temple in the jungle during the monsoon season when monks were praying while burning incense sticks.
It was during a trip in Angkor Wat, Cambodia: the heavenly aroma of incense blended with the green humidity of the surrounding jungle, and the creaminess of the flowers offers – jasmine and frangipani- a perfume in itself!

Alice Lynch

My favourite scent memory is a fragrance that I wore on a holiday to see my family in Hawaii, named ‘Beach Walks’ by Maison Margiela.

The scent beautifully captures the beachy and sunny smells of Hawaii, and every time I smell it I’m transported in my mind straight back to that happy place.

Louise Hesketh

My favourite scent memory is the smell of pine trees at Christmas as it reminds me of being together with my family, decorating the tree, and cosy Christmas evenings!

Rachel Thomas

One of my favourite scent memories is a combination of sandalwood and incense…it reminds me of a folk festival I used to go to every year where the shops and stalls carried this lovely woody, smokey scent. More recently, these two notes remind me of a trip to Mysore in India back in 2014.

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