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August 2022

Vlatko Dobraorie

Lavender and Figs.

Elaine Hui

Buying my very first fragrance which was from Chloe to prepare for my first day in corporate workforce.

Enfys Davies

Don’t judge me but Bodyshop Fuzzy Peach was so influential when I was in school. If you didn’t smell of it you weren’t in the cool gang! Anything peachy now makes me smile.

Gaynor Wharton

Jardin De Bagatelle by Guerlain – Reminds me of an amazing holiday in Ibiza with my best friend.

Edward Provée

Black coffee, toast, marmalade. That was my granddad’s breakfast every day. He always woke up at 5am so it was the first thing I would smell when I stayed at his. Now, that specific mix of scents makes it really easy to get up in the morning.

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