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February 2022

James White

Growing up as a kid accompanying my dad in the car to get petrol and sticking my nose out of the window whilst he filled up the tank.

Melissa Diton

When I was little I was obsessed with Britney Spears and my mum walked into my room one day and I was spraying the cat with Fantasy by Britney Spears.

Jonathan Sawyer

The confidence boost from my first spray of Creed Aventus and landing my dream job.

Maegan Rocca

Hugo Boss perfume – my dad always wears this brand and it reminds me of how strong and dedicated he is. This smell empowers me to accomplish even more.

Elisabeth Prezanti

The first time I fell in love I was wearing Balenciaga perfume and when I go back home and see the bottle, the colour and the scent reminds me of that magical young love.

Bex Bahri

The smell of a fresh coffee on a Monday morning always makes me feel ok about life and gives me the boost I need to get through a week of work.

Lina Khazim

His smell on my pillow.

Laurel Violet Kemp

My wife proposed to me in our garden filled with sweet peas. It was such a beautiful moment. Before I “came out” as gay to my family we would send each other bouquets of flowers as a secret message to show how much we loved each other. Flowers remind me of love and strength.


The smell of white roses, my grandfather used to grow flowers in his garden and name the flowers after his grandchildren. So when ever I came home I would be able to go and smell “Alexandra” my personal rose. 

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