Having grown up in a Mediterranean household, I have always been surrounded by floral and citrusy scents from a very young age, worn by my mother and my paternal grandmother. I was a very curious child, keen to know more about our planet and Mother Nature. I got interested in flowers and gardens from the age of 5 and roses became one of my favourites. Among all the different types of flowers that exist, roses have this subtle elegant smell and are for me, one of the true essences of femininity. Roses completely unleash their smells when combined with aromatic citrus like bergamot or tangerine but also fresh blooming bouquet of neroli or mimosa. Wherever I go, I will always try to look for floral gardens. I will never forget the day my mother and grandmother got this superb mixed roses bouquet, a real kaleidoscope of colours. They used to share the flowers with me so that I could decorate my room with their beauties. At night, my dreams were accompanied by their lovely scents.