Collection of smell memories of home and first smell memories of London-Britain by Semra Eren-Nijhar

‘Mauritius is a sunny and tropical country and the smell of these countries next to the sea is a mixture of earth, sea and tropical smell. Perhaps these smell are indescribable and only people who have been brought up in sunny countries will know that. My first memory of odour is the mixture of this smell.

Everybody in Mauritius grew mango trees in their garden therefore my memory of home smell is the mango trees of my grandparent’s garden, it is very strong sweet, aromatic and tropical.

I first came to London when I was 18 years old and later at the age of 31. The strong smell of the tube is the first smell I do remember and it is still the smell of Britain. It is unnatural and a smell of pollution.

I use the fragrance ‘Eau de Lacoste’ by Lacoste.’