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November 2019

Rachel Frost

My scent memory is Davidoff Cool Water. It was worn by my partner when we first met, years ago at University. The specific memory is this mixed with freshly brushed teeth, but the underlying smell of beer… we were at uni!

Amy Cox

My scent memory is the polish Mr Sheen, whenever I spray it, I instantly go back to a child in my Nan’s house helping her clean.

Evgenia Dimitrova

The scent of bergamot reminds me of a quiet evening at home with family during winter with a cup of hot tea with bergamot.

Thuraya Tayib

I have memories as a young girl of playing outside my father’s family home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the air heavy with the smell of jasmine on the tree-lined street. Also watching my aunts wearing their abayas, stepping over bakhour (scented wood burned in traditional incense burners), to envelope themselves in its intense aroma. Such a beautiful ritual!


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