I have a number of scent  memories but the one below is the first significant one and formative in my relationship with perfume and scent.

This scent memory  is of my first ‘grown up’ perfume given to me by my gorgeous God Father when I was about 13. It was a bottle of Guerlain Chamade and I just fell in love with it. I loved that it was so luxurious and special, that  the rich opulent fragrance stayed with me all day ( maybe I used a little too much – I was 13 after all…..….)  that I felt so incredibly glamorous when I wore it , and last but not least that Terry my God Father clearly thought I was old enough and sophisticated enough to have it in the first place. That gift formed my desire for and love of fragrance and the transformative effect that it can have on your whole demeanour and wellbeing.

As a result I wear fragrance every day, whether I am taking the dog for a walk or going to gym ( I know it seems mad but it gives me a buzz) or going to work or out for dinner – it is like getting dressed, and if I forget to put some on for any reason I feel ‘naked’ all day……….!