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February 2019

Marie Krnakova

“One of my more vivid scent memories is of an afternoon walk from my school. It was my seventh birthday and I could not wait to get home and start the birthday celebrations; to open all my presents and to have a slice of cake. As I walked home through a nearby church garden, I suddenly ran into this beautiful cloud of a floral scent, so sweet and delightful. I instantly thought it was the most beautiful perfume I had ever smelt. Ignoring the birthday excitement, I started searching for the source of the smell. At some point, I looked down at my feet and noticed these tiny purple flowers in the grass. I remember sitting there on the cold grass amongst the violet flowers for a few moments, admiring their beauty, and thinking to myself how such tiny flowers can produce a fragrance so intense and beautiful.”

Caroline Connor

My favourite scent memory is quite a recent one. My Husband and I were wed in Scotland last year and the candles we used to scent Achnagairn Castle in Inverness, our wedding venue brings back the fondest of memories.

We chose to use candles by Penhaligon’s, ‘Christmas is in the air’ and ‘Lavandula’ scents. Guests repeatedly commented on how beautiful these scents were as they filled everything from the rehearsal dinner space, the corridors of the guest’s room, to the ceremony.

Scent became a big part of the day and enhanced the atmosphere and memories too! Every time I burn the candles at home I am transported back to that happy time in the Highlands.

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