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June 2018

Nafia Guljar

My scent memories are the smell after the Monsoon rain in Bangladesh & the smell of night blooming Jasmine in my Gran’s garden.

Sarah Hacking

A favourite scent memory from childhood is my mother’s perfume, Chamade by Guerlain, which she only wore when she was going out or for special occasions. As soon as the scent began to waft through the house I knew that my mother would appear looking glamorous and I associate the smell with grown- up elegance. As a child I was fascinated by the beautiful perfume bottle with its glass stopper though I was never allowed to play with it!

Katherine Abbott

When I wear any Jimmy Choo women’s fragrance, I think back to when I was younger and watched Sex in The City hoping that one day I will own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.


Comm by Katie Cook

Catherine Walker

By Terry’s Reve Opulent will always remind me of my wedding day. I chose the scent for its floral bouquet and underlying warmth of vanilla and musk – an absolute favourite of mine. It was like something I had never smelt before and made me feel special. I haven’t worn it since but I am already looking forward to spritzing myself on our first anniversary to be reminded of our big day.


Georgie Eastwood

Holidays always bring fragrance to life for me; spending hours at the airport duty free, picking out my next ‘summer scent’. Memories of sunsets and evening dinners come flooding back on that first post-holiday spritz.   My go to would always be something ultra-sweet or super fresh, how could it not at that time of year!

KGA Christmas Showcase event

Sarah Price

The memory that is etched into my senses is the smell of burning coal winding its way up through the chimneys and into the sky

I can be walking down a street and my nose instinctively twitches as the familiar musky, earthy, sooty odour fills my head evoking those  memories of when I was a child.

I spent a lot of time in Yorkshire visiting my grandparents and during the cold season, every house burned coal to keep warm as the winters could be vicious.

It evokes a family oriented happy time, of sitting around the TV watching the old classics of the Two Ronnies and Morecambe & Wise amidst lots of laughter.

It is my favourite smell – it makes me smile every time.

Sasha Lord

Summer is my favourite time of the year and there are 2 smells that stand out for me: the smell of sun lotion on holiday (probably mixed with sweat)! instantly makes me happy. Also the smell travelling through  the air of a lit barbecue  – give me those burnt sausages!!



Ryan Cerenko

Nothing can transport me back to my youth like Calvin Klein- Crave; I wore this almost everyday in high school and it reminds me of long summers when life was a little simpler. It has a vibrant and refreshing note of bergamot which was the source of many compliments back in the day. I feel my taste has changed a little now but this was a great Fougere and is still sorely missed. The fact that it is now discontinued probably adds to the romanticism of it all. A real time capsule.



Rosie Cave

Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue brings back fond memories of my Granny. It’s quite a mysterious scent, which opens with spicy aniseed and bergamot and gently fades to velvety, powdered florals. It was my Granny’s firm favourite for many years. Sadly, she passed away last year, but whenever I smell it, read about it or hear someone mention it, I know she’s nearby. It’s enchanting elegance will always remind me of her.



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