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March 2018

Linda Pilkington

My first recollection of comment on a smell was our Nanny baking a cake. We were allowed to spoon out the remains of the bowl as she placed it in the oven. We hung around the breakfast room eagerly waiting for 20 minutes and as the aroma of a baked cake emerged, my two sisters and I got more and more excited. It was a Victoria Sponge for my sister Michelle ‘s birthday and I think I was 2 and a half  years old.

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Viola Levy

Getting a bottle of CK1 for my 12th birthday; having graduated from Lego & Barbie Dolls, I remember feeling very grown up!

Viola Levy

Lynn Quixall

My favourite fragrance is Anais Anais. It was my wedding fragrance & still reminds me of my special day. I Met my husband in July 1979, engaged in Sept 1979, married in Nov 1979 & still happily married to this day (38 years).


Christine Nagel

Christine Nagel - 1 Sofiaetmauro (1)My first olfactory memory is the smell of the Italian talc that my mother used / wich use my mother : Borro talco. It always reminds me of him. This olfactory chord is so much anchored in the Italian culture that today I still perceive / smell it in certain contemporary Italian creations,

Jasmine Hoy

Angel-Mugler – reminds me of when I used to play football, before I left for a match on a Saturday morning I would sneak into my mams room and spray Angel. I felt like it was my good luck charm!


Amanda O’Shaughnessy

Diptyque Eau Duelle – my first Diptyque scent discovery, but most importantly the fragrance that I wore on my wedding day. Not only does it make me feel elegant, it will forever take me back to the most magical. love-filled day of my life!



Stephan Matthews

Scent memories can come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t always associated with perfume. One of the most evocative smells for me is Pledge Furniture Polish. My mother was, and still is, a fanatical polisher and woe betide you if house keys or a wallet were left on a newly cleaned sideboard. Growing up in Wales the housewives were immensely proud of their homes and the routine of daily cleaning and tidying was entrenched in me from a very young age. I lovingly blame my mother, with a wink, for my inability to work unless my desk is clear of all clutter and any dust is swept away. Allegiance to many products and perfumes have shifted over the years but, to me, Pledge Furniture Polish is irreplaceable.

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Maria Angelidou

One of my first perfumes was LouLou by Cacharel and when I got my first bottle I used to wear it every day, even in school – making my presence known! My old school friends still make remarks how I used to scent the whole school!Headshot - Maria Angelidou copy

Amanda Carr

In the greenhouse, potting my geranium cuttings, the bruised, aromatic leaves, piles of terracotta pots, sweet pea seeds, sowed from last year, pressed into damp soil. This weekend’s smells!


amanda carr

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