Usually each one of these fragrances corresponds to each memory. The Frangipane is a memory or a palace in India. The Tiare is a memory of Tahiti and the beaches bordered by wild flowers and trees. The Vetyver I created because I loved it so much on men- I wanted a version I could wear. I added fresh lemon to it so that it would be an energetic fresh fragrance with the warmth of vetyver on the bottom. Le Wild reminds me of the 1960s on the South of France and how my mother wore classic white fragrance. The flowers around my bedroom had that marvelous scent. Kalimantan is the dream of Borneo and the rich scent of the Orient—it’s a very sexy fragrance. It’s an amber fragrance. Apple baking is always for me the smell of home. Vetyver is my memory of my father and now of my husband. Jasmine is my childhood summers on the French Riviera. Gardenia is my first night life in Greece as a young woman.

Sylvie Chantecaille