My very 1st grown up fragrance was Poison by Christian Dior – I was 17 years old (Poison is 25) and just like the perfume itself – I was madly, heady and intoxicated in love, with someone who’d I spend the next 12 years of my life with… sadly (or so at the time) the relationship itself was ‘poisoned’ and didn’t last!!

Some of the notes from Poison I’m still drawn to in my perfumes today like Vanilla, Rose and Amber

The scent of ‘Mitsouko’ by Guerlain takes me back to time when I was really young, maybe I was about 10 years old – I remember my Mum using this as she was getting all dressed up for her ‘date night’ with my Dad, whenever I smell this it takes me right back to her getting ready in their bedroom and it was always the last thing she applied before leaving the house.