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December 2017

Nigel Brooks – Creative Director – Bath House

One of my earliest childhood memories is stepping through the heavy oak doors of our village church with my parents. .The spirit of Christmas was in the air and as silence fell I remember clearly the fragrance of linseed oil and beeswax wax of the pews, the musty paper of antique hymn books opening and the citrus notes of  oranges spiked with clove, so symbolic of Christmas time. Those magical nights, are memories of fragrance which stay  with you forever.

Nigel Brooks Bath House

Nicky Cox – MBE

My favourite scent of Christmas is chestnuts. I remember smelling my first one, being roasted by my grandad on the fire. It tasted just as good. Until this day, I always have chestnuts at Christmas. When I smell them being sold by street vendors, it takes me right back to being by the fire with grandad.

Nicky First News

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