First: Lancome La Collection, Mille & Une Roses 
This is my third bottle of this niche fragrance, only available in Lâncome boutiques. I first bought it in 1999 as the limited edition, 2000 et Une Rose in a stunning teardrop shaped bottle, which I wore to a suitably hedonist masked ball for the Millennium. Long before rose rose to preeminence in fragrance, it took the flower and grounded it with all sorts of dirty notes like amber, black pepper and musk. Due to the price, it only comes out on special occasions when I feel like being a femme fatale, but it always takes me back to that hedonist era and puts me in the mood to (elegantly) party…
Second: Sleep Knot, 4160 Tuesdays. 
This fragrance is a lesson in being open minded and to revisit previously strongly held assumptions – a salutary lesson for life. Having long held that white flower fragrances were the work of the devil, a perfume workshop with fragrance maverick Sarah McCartney of indie house 4160 Tuesdays left me clutching a bottle of this heady jasmine that is softened and spiced with ylang ylang, sandalwood and black pepper. I wear it to conferences and anywhere I need to network and go in with an open mind. Proof if any were needed, that fragrance has the power to change mood and inspire.
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