It’s quite simple really. A go-to button. An instant time-machine with a fast–return switch. Eternity, by Calvin Klein, who’s name is intrinsic to the emotions it stirs. The top twists and, before I’ve even splashed the subtle green-gold onto the palm of my hand, I’m there. August 14th, Orsett Hall. Surrounded by my boys, my past school friends from so many years passed school. We’re all laughing, wolfing down the sandwiches we’d snagged on the way to the venue. All fumbling with silken rouches and frock coats. This is it. The day. And, although I’m nervous, I’m not scared. The potential for the day to go wrong doesn’t even cross my mind. It won’t. I’ve only really got one thing to concentrate on. Just how gorgeous will my fiancé be as she stands next to me? As we both share those particular words in front of our friends, families, and loved ones. Then, there she is. Beautiful in ivory-gold. And, as the cool droplet hits my skin, and the aromatic flavours spin into the room, there she is again. Still beautiful, thirteen years later.

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