In Denmark, you could hand in empty bottles to the local shops and receive small amount of money as a deposit for them. So as a young boy, my brother and I, would spend our free days searching a beach, called Hornbeak for them. It was a never-ending long beach and was also our back yard.

We used to run, play, explore and always make sure to collect enough bottles to buy an ice cream so at the end of the day we would be able to leave with 2 scoops of homemade vanilla ice.

I can still remember sitting on the top of the hill, looking out at the sea, enjoying our ice creams. The scent of warm sand and sea water in combination with vanilla – and having my brother there… this, for me, is truly the essence of peace, innocence and brotherly love.

I still live in Hornbeak and whenever I wander down to the beach, I always stand on that hillside, breathe in the air and get transported back to my youth days with my brother.