I have always loved fragrance and regularly snook into my aunties bedrooms when I was small to secretly see what glass pots, jars and bottles were on their dressing table.  I could recognise any perfume after just one sniff and am sure I would have been able to be a “nose”. I still love perfume today and in fact visited the perfume diaries exhibition at Harrods to look at it’s history.
My late Mum, Sue, always wore Estee Lauder Youth Dew throughout her life.  She sadly died four years ago.  Whilst out shopping recently in the small town where I live, a lady walked past me wearing Youth Dew.  I knew it straightaway and it stopped me in my tracks as the memory of mum getting ready all those years ago before she went out was so vivid in my mind.  It made me feel sad but also happy as it made me think of her on the spur of the moment which I think are such special moments of our lives.
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