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June 2016

Jane Millson- Personal Assistant, Kenneth Green Associates

My first scent memory is from my mum, she always had Yardley Tweed talc in her bathroom which she used daily and if it was a special occasion she would wear the perfume. Both bottles were kept on top of the bathroom cabinets so we couldn’t get our hands on it! My sister (who is five years older) used to wear Anais Anais as she headed out on a Saturday night with her perm and electric blue mascara and I was always so jealous and thought I would never get to be her age or be as cool! Personally, my first fragrance was a gift from my Dad, Gucci Envy. It was incredibly strong and I used to put so much on, I’m sure everyone could smell me before they saw me! I was in competition though, my best friend always wore Chanel Mademoiselle so when we were on the dancefloor of the clubs of my teens we used to smell delightful, which is more than can be said for the venues! So many happy memories from fragrance, you don’t appreciate it at the time but on reflection, I can picture all of us so clearly back in the day, happy times…

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Linda Taylor -Managing Director, Kenneth Green Associates

My first scent memory was ‘4711’, I received the scented wipes from my mum and kept the papers long after they had dried up, I loved the freshness of this fragrance. I then loved Charlie before progressing to ‘Must de Cartier’; the fragrance that particularly brings back happy memories for me; I love the sweetness and the warmth of this fragrance, it’s like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket…

Linda Taylor

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