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May 2016

Margaret Attwooll- General Manager, Parfums Christian Dior

My first memories of fragrance come from my Grandmother. As soon as I arrived at her house I would run to her bedroom and secretly put on her perfumes; most notably, the original Miss Dior. To this day, this scent reminds me of the cuddle of my best friend in the whole world and the laughs and memories we had together. This scent is unbelievable precious to me.

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Chris Good- President, Estée Lauder Companies UK & Ireland

My earliest fragrance memory is Aramis of course. A true classic. I remember wearing it on a date with the hottest girl in school and it worked. She agreed to a second date!

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Amandine Ohayon- General Manager, YSL and Armani Beauty UK & Ireland

My first memory of fragrance was Lily of the Valley from Penhaligon’s – it is the fragrance my mother wore & this scent will always make me think of her. In France on the 1st May, La Fête du Muguet is a public holiday to campaign for and celebrate workers rights. It is also an occasion to present lily-of-the-valley to loved ones. I would always give Muguet to my mother.

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Viola von Cydonia- Student Perfumer & Writer

How people would often refer to the scent of Sea water, a bit boring or overrated?
But for me, it’s so very different, being Hungarian with no sea close to me at all.
It was the second time I met my boyfriend, when he took me to his hometown, Brighton, and although it was cold, I insisted on going to the beach. As I lay there on the mossy stones he wandered off to play with the sand.
I could smell the wet sand, mud, and the seashells happily tossing back and forth as the waves came closer and closer to me. The air and the water created an ancient fossilic scent in perfect harmony with the cold breeze and golden rays of sunshine.
For me, love smells like salty air and sand.
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Vesa Kahlo – Perfumery & Cosmetics Buyer, Harrods

My mum’s freshly baked cinnamon buns that that filled our home with smells of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla.

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Kate Westbrook- Creative Assistant, Aspects Beauty

The round earthy scent of sage is a smell that fills me with nostalgia for the warmth of summer days. It conjures memories of walking through the herb garden with my mum, plucking soft downy sage leaves and pressing them between our fingers to release the fragrance. It also reminds me of balmy evenings spent working in a restaurant in Italy, where I became a favourite of the revered Nonna Assunta, who ran the kitchen with rolled up sleeves and an enormous pinafore. With a knowing wink, she would sneak me a bowl of freshly made pumpkin pasta, lightly sautéed in butter and sage. To this day, the smell of sage reminds me of the warm comfort of exploring my childhood home’s garden, and my home away from home in the plains of Emilia Romagna.

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