There is nothing quite as potent as that of a smell that leads you to a memory. There is something particularly fascinating about the effect that perfume has on the mind, as it has the ability to evoke all types of feelings of nostalgia, love or loss. For me I’ve always regarded perfume as being something aspirational. It’s the hidden accessory of an outfit that gives you that little something extra, that people tend to remember you by.

For me, there is nothing quite as memorable as the fragrance that is worn by a best friend of mine, to remind me of how wonderfully extraordinary she is. Whenever I smell this scent I think of her amazing sense of style, that she makes look so effortless, her ability to be confident in her bare skin, and an aura/glow around her that makes her beautiful both inside and out! And that is why whenever I smell Deep Night by Ghost, I will always be reminded of you, Rachel.

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