The first fragrance I owned was one that came taped to the cardboard packaging of  ‘Tropical Splash Barbie’ – the height of 90s Barbie chic!!
The tiny, plastic bottle contained non-descript “Flower Fragrance” (that’d likely never seen any flower in it’s life) and nevertheless, I JUST LOVED IT.
I was scrupulous with it’s contents, denying use to all but Barbie and myself. We’d wear it in miniscule amounts until it ran out a year later and I had the bright idea of filling the bottle with water – my thoughts being that I may infuse the water with the last drops of scent remaining. Alas, the fragrance was not that potent and I mourned the loss if it.
Years later, and I will occasionally smell notes de ‘Tropical splash Barbie’ in perfumes worn on others. It will immediately transport me right back to my seven-year-old self.
I’m an only child and playing with my toys was very important to me. Not only does the scent remind me of that time, but also, for a second, I am vividly affected by the feelings associated with it: ones of innocence, security and joy.
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