I remember Californian Poppy – cheap and cheerful and very exotic to a thirteen year old girl in 1949.  Also June by Saville (I believe) – around the same time and favoured by the male leader of the Walton Swans cycle speedway team.
I’d love to smell them again for all the memories of those carefree days.
Now I prefer Guerlain , and still lament the passing of Ode from the range (not unlike Jean  Patou’s Joy). Parure seems elusive too – has this gorgeous scent also been discontinued ?
And what about Carven’s Robe d’un Soir ?  Absolutely sublime and so much subtler than Ma Griffe .  Please reinstate !
To all perfume aficionados I recommend Perfume, A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrom and Perfume, the Guide, by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez . Sweet dreams !

Jill Langley Coles.JPG