In 1985, I was often separated from my wife on long visits overseas.  She was working for Clinique at the time and I was wearing Clinique Tailoring for Men (now sadly discontinued).  She would tell me that she took comfort from the smell of the fragrance every time she got into the car, because the seat belt on the driver’s side was so impregnated with the scent.  So it kept me front of her mind during my absences!
I also wore Bvlgari Pour Homme around 1994, which I liked because of the note of tea and lavender which was so different from the other fragrances at the time (also now discontinued).  It was at a time when we were developing our fragrance portfolio and just remembering it reminds me of exciting days of doing things our way – differently!
My mystery fragrance is one that I love but can never, for some reason, put a name to.  It is one that my wife often wears, and is the final touch to the morning routine of dressing, putting on make-up, brushing hair and choosing jewellery.  Every time she sprays it, I say “that’s nice, what perfume are you wearing?”  And every time she sighs, rolls her eyes and says “Moschino” (actually it is the first Moschino, called Moschino Parfum).  I suppose I should know it by now!

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