My earliest memory is of Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden which was always worn by a favourite aunt, but my own first purchase was Acqua Manda. It was in the late 60’s and I vividly remember this scent and the shaped brown bottle and orange label. I’d just left school and started my first job, and this perfume was affordable and I thought it was just gorgeous. I’m told the newly re-created version isn’t as nice as the original sadly.
Around the same time Charlie by Revlon and Tweed by Lentheric became very popular with my mum’s generation.
In my early 20’s, I fell in love with Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew and this was another scent that exploded in popularity in the 70’s. It was incredibly heady and lasted for hours and hours on your skin.  It was one of the ‘must-have’ perfumes of the time, and I saved up for weeks to buy it. I think it cost me the then huge sum of £45.00.
In my late 20’s my favourite was Chanel No 5, which made me feel glamorous and sexy. Nowadays I like Coco Mademoiselle … rather amusing considering I’m now 62 and have been married for 35 years …. I adore it but can hardly be called mademoiselle!!
Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories.