One of my strongest scent memories I have would be surrounding the 51 collection. The reason this fragrance, especially the ladies scent, provokes such a strong memory for me is because I smelt it and loved it at such a pivotal moment in my life.
I had just become the manager for Roja Parfums at 51 Burlington arcade, the first flagship store. This was a huge achievement for me and something I was honoured to do, opening for the brand I have loved and been a part of for a long time.
This scent takes me back to the first day the boutique opened, the rich soft scent, teaming with sweet fruity warmth was magical. In my opinion it fitted the boutique so wonderfully, full of cool rose, such elegance; yet sweetened and warmed by the notes of jasmine and raspberry which complimented the beautiful colour of the crystals and the effortless glamour which the boutique holds.
The lily note in the 51 pour femme has always brought me back, alike to the Lily Extrait by Master Perfumer Roja Dove, to the memory of my mother and the bouquets she used to fill our childhood home with. This particular note always brings me happiness, and whenever or whatever I smell containing this makes me feel warm inside.
I will always recognise 51 pour femme as a positive and happy memory as it stands for so much progression and success in my life, but not only this, it represents a great achievement for Roja Parfums and how amazing it is being a part of it.