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February 2016

Rachel Mckeeve

My favourite scent is Terracotta by Guerlain. My husband bought it for me when we were on the island of Capri, celebrating my birthday a few years ago. It reminds me of bight blue skies and turquoise seas’. It’s a real summer smell that makes you think of hot days lounging around on the beach or at the pool, but it also makes me think about warm evenings eating delicious food and lots of cold, cold rosé.
I now make sure I never run out of it and sometimes have a little squirt in the middle of winter just to give me a lift during a dull, grey February afternoon.
Every girl should have a bottle!


Daniel Horner – Business Manager, Roja Parfums

One of my strongest scent memories I have would be surrounding the 51 collection. The reason this fragrance, especially the ladies scent, provokes such a strong memory for me is because I smelt it and loved it at such a pivotal moment in my life.
I had just become the manager for Roja Parfums at 51 Burlington arcade, the first flagship store. This was a huge achievement for me and something I was honoured to do, opening for the brand I have loved and been a part of for a long time.
This scent takes me back to the first day the boutique opened, the rich soft scent, teaming with sweet fruity warmth was magical. In my opinion it fitted the boutique so wonderfully, full of cool rose, such elegance; yet sweetened and warmed by the notes of jasmine and raspberry which complimented the beautiful colour of the crystals and the effortless glamour which the boutique holds.
The lily note in the 51 pour femme has always brought me back, alike to the Lily Extrait by Master Perfumer Roja Dove, to the memory of my mother and the bouquets she used to fill our childhood home with. This particular note always brings me happiness, and whenever or whatever I smell containing this makes me feel warm inside.
I will always recognise 51 pour femme as a positive and happy memory as it stands for so much progression and success in my life, but not only this, it represents a great achievement for Roja Parfums and how amazing it is being a part of it.


Steve Hayes – Clay Pigeon Shooting Instructor

My daughter gave me a sample bottle of Acqua Di Parma once. I was very disappointed that it didn’t smell like ham…

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.49.31

Yvonne Hart

My memory is buying my mum a little blue bottle of Evening in Paris from Woolworths for Christmas, the top was a gold cone and when you took the top off there was a little black rubber bung to keep the perfume from spilling. It had a beautiful smell and I loved it when mum wore it on very special occasions. That was the early sixties. Years later my wonderful son bought me a bottle of Joy by Jean Patou when he went to Paris on a trip. I loved that he got it for me. He knew I always wanted it as my mums name was Joy. I have never been able to afford another bottle but have the one Richard bought me in the nineties. He was killed in 2005 so it is very precious to me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.22.07

Roja Dove – Master Perfumer

One of my earliest recollection of scent having an impact on me dates back to when I was a very young boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old. I was in my bed, and my mother came to kiss me goodnight: she was standing at the entrance of my room in her golden cocktail dress, and the light shining from the corridor made her glisten as if she was surrounded by an aura, by a corona. The only person I had ever seen with a corona was an angel, or a fairy queen from a book; enchanted by the vision, as my mother came and kissed me, the smell of her scent together with the one of her face power pervaded me.
Perfume is something more than just a futile and volatile expression of vanity: on the contrary, olfactive memory is the most powerful means of recollection that we can dispose of. People now take photographs of everything, but images are two-dimensional: while through a fragrance you can immediately remember everything. A place, an atmosphere, a sensation…
I remember being a very young child of perhaps two or three years of age. In those days, walking harnesses and reins, designed to ensure young children could be stabilised and safe when walking, were very popular. Way back then, they were made of leather and I had the habit of chewing the straps. It is the leather straps made soft and wet by my chewing that I distinctly remember the smell of.
For me, to this day, leather recalls the memory of walks in the park with my parents and the sheer excitement of going off on an adventure – albeit a restrained one. I associate leather with the luxury of travel and of packing a suitcase with things much loved and enjoyed when going off to other places.
I remember the scent of bluebells, which are a special flower which grows in Britain in May and turns the woodland floor bright blue. There was a beautiful wood at the end of the grounds of my grandparents’ home. I loved walking in it as a child, it was as if it had been transformed by magic. I remember the scent of the earth, the mosses, and the sweet scent of these narcotic blooms.
Also as a child, my mother used to bake a special dish for us. It was a cross between a bread and a cake. It was full of sweet spices, and would fill the house with its odour. She put it in the oven early in the evening and so we smelt it as we went to bed, and couldn’t wait for the next day when we were able to eat it. I love this smell and can feel my mouth watering as I am describing it.
When I was a teenager I used to spend my pocket money in perfume bottles. We all know what they contain: a colourful liquid. But when you open them, it’s like releasing a genie: and you don’t know what the genie will do. When I was 18, I saved all my money to buy me a flight for Paris: there, I went straight to the Caron boutique in Avenue Montaigne just to have a vision of that space. Those Baccarat fountains struck me so deeply, that they made me think about a sonnet by Shakespeare – A liquid prisoner pent in walls of glass, Beauty’s effect with beauty were bereft. They epitomised all that perfumery should be, and they are legitimate too.
Many years ago, I met a wonderful client in my perfumery who was telling me about the perfume her mother had always worn and loved. On smelling the perfume again, for the first time in many, many years, she immediately started crying. A single sniff of her mother’s much loved fragrance had instantly triggered memory and emotion in a way that a photograph never could.
I love the way perfumes act as recollections of the world, where notes fill the air with the opportunity to revisit past dreams and expectations. Golden elixirs of magical ingredients that silently resound through precious bottles, transporting us away to precious memories. Because memories are the most important treasure of all.

Roja & Mother

Francesca Barone – Personal Travel Agent

An old boyfriend once brought me back a wonderful little black bottle of Joy by Jean Patou.  It was a tiny bottle of the purest perfume and probably cost him alot.  Within a matter of days I managed to knock it over and spilt most of it on my dressing table. This (fortunately) happened when he had disappeared on his next overseas stint and as such I never did confess what I’d done.  Our bedroom smelt absolutely wonderful for ages…

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 15.48.03

Jo Morrell – COO The Pool

Kiehl’s Original Musk Oil is my all time favourite party fragrance. It takes me back to late nights, dancing, cocktails and the thrills of NYC in early 2000’s. I bought my first bottle in a shopping frenzy along with my first Marc Jacobs handbag, and a pair of Manolos from Barney’s. As I do more dancing at kids parties than in clubs these days it’s always a special occasion when I do wear it.
Jo Morrell The Pool

Nick Roullier – Vice President Global Packet Solutions – Ciena

It was 1980 – the strobe was on and the dance floor smoking to `Joy and Pain` ( Frankie Beverly) – Strutting my stuff – armed with Paco Rabanne , Baggy Jeans – rolled up  , red disco belt , espadrils , capped sleeve T and a Don Johnson jacket with the sleeves rolled up – and a huge Wedge flick –– thankfully  no picture !!!!!!

 Venue – what is now Lego Land – but then was Windsor Wildlife Park and every Saturday Night was Disco Night  for my Mk 111 Cortina – Robbie Vincent, Frenchy and Froggy would pump out the tunes…….

Nick Roullier

Jo Tiller -Marketing Manager for Children and Parents at Harrods

Diptyque Philosykos wrapped in beautiful gift wrap and delivered to my office with a bunch of flowers… was the first gift I ever received from my husband after our very first date 6 years ago. The freshness of Figs, wood and white cedar brings back so many romantic memories and still gives me butterflies every time I spray it!  I LOVE it and I always get nice comments whenever I wear it.  This scent will always be very special to me.

Jo Tiller Harrods

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