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November 2015

Kitty Hayes – Model

I can’t stand the smell of hairspray. It reminds me of when I was young and at dance school. When I was doing shows, someone was always scraping and dragging my hair in to too-tight buns or ponytails. Not great when your already nervous about performing!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 16.02.03.png

Tina Verran – British Airways Cabin Crew

The smell of Chanel No19 always reminds me of my uni days, as one of the girls in my house wore it – it smelt wonderful on her & lingered. I saved loads to buy myself some, which sadly smelt of totally nothing on me & only for about 10 minutes. Still love to catch a whiff of it as it makes me feel young again even if I can’t wear it myself.

Tiina Verran 2015-11-11 at 09.43.50

Sue Stovell – Adult Educator, British Red Cross

My favourite African smell from my childhood was the rain on dry African soil in addition to Gardenias, Frangipani & Jasmine.

Sue Stovell

Matthew Arscott – Website Manager

The smell of lavender has always meant home. Daily brushing passed the unruly lavender bushes that line the path to our door, releases an intoxicating scent that happily announces you’ve made it, welcome back!

Matthew Arscott

Sarah Blomfield – Managing Director Rothschild

The scent of roses in my Granny & Grandad’s garden. My Grandad loved his garden and in the Summer the smell of his many blooming roses pervaded the early evening air. Every time I smell roses I’m transported back to my idyllic childhood, summers with my grandparents whom I adored.

Sarah Blomfield 2015-11-11 at 09.42.08

Julie Peacock – Animal Lover and Co Owner The Pet Feeders

In my Primary school they used to do something called Gypsy tart which was a caramel type desert and I absolutely loved it. As an adult I have tried to find the recipe but without success and have only smelt it once since those days and was transported right back to that dining room!

Julie Peacock copy

Igor Minuzzo – Restaurant Manager

The balsamic smell of pine trees reminds me of my childhood, when I would going mushroom picking with my grandmother.

Igor Minuzzo

Andrea Hartley – Founder/CEO at Skating Panda Ltd

The smell of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day in the village where I grew up. It makes me feel free, invigorated and fully connected to nature.

Andrea Hartley

Natasha Kaplinsky – Newsreader & Television Presenter

My smell memory starts in Kenya – the country of my childhood. The smell of hard rain on dry earth mixed with heady tropical flowers fills me with excitement and hope.


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