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November 2015

Alex Christensen – Travelling the world…

My family moved from a small town in north Essex known as Manningtree when I was four. However my parents had lived there for quite a while before I came along and so we’d often visit family friends in the area. My mum was also a keen reader and devote local library user. If there was ever a need to visit Manningtree I was sure she would also use it as an excuse to return, renew and take out new books. I loved the sound of walking into the building, which is right on the main road. The silence. It was the first thing you noticed. It is only after browsing through the titles and holding the books in your hand that you get that musty scent. It isn’t an overpowering smell, but it’s distinguishable enough. I love the scent of new books, but I feel there is a lot more character to old ones. The scent of old books will always reminds me of Manningtree and returning to that library.

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Laura Hitchman – Author

Ok so the basic one is Davidoff Cool Water – I wear it because it smells like gin and tonic. Some kind of placebo effect – it’s calming!! Then… can I go with croissants? It’s not very perfumey! But the smell of croissants reminds me of my erasmus stint in France – we used to live above a bakery and the smell would fill our flat from 4am. It would seep into our dreams and wake us like an aroma-alarm! Confusing but we never tired of it…

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Graham Pett – Salesman

My mother’s family hail from amongst the cliffs and peat bogs which dominate the landscape of Ireland’s west coast. Every year we would visit my grandparents during the summer, and the smell of burning turf that always hangs in the damp air around their old farm is simply beautiful. A rich, earthy smoke, for me that smell means happiness.

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Dana & Tate Lowe

My baby smells delicious! Especially after I have given him his babe massage. His cream is made of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter.Dana Lowe

Annalise Fard –

Although many find the smell a little unusual, I adore the smell of chrysanthemums – it takes me back to being six years old and helping my Grandad pick the chrysanthemums he’d grown in his garden for my Nana.

Annalise's Press Photo

Franky Vincentio – Model

The smell of whiskey always makes me think of the smell of bonfires. I guess from when I would go camping as a teenager. Bonfire’s aren’t the only way to keep warm!

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Richard Bradbury – Sales Director

“Cress & Cricket. From egg & cress sandwiches during cricket match teas in my youth!”

Richard Bradbury 2015-11-16 at 10.18.06

Grace Swaitek – Age 16

“I love the smell of plastic as it reminds me of lilo’s in the Summer!”

Grace Swaitek 2015-11-16 at 10.20.09

Annmarie McClintock – Managing Director – Retail

My scent memory is that whenever I smell roses it brings back very fond memories of my Grandmother who helped me to make my very first fragrance from rose petals and water.
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